Value Innovation Works by Richard K. Lee and Nina Goodrich

Richard K. Lee and Nina Goodrich Value Innovation Works: Move Mountains…..Deliver Sustainable, Profitable Growth. Deliver Exceptional Value to the Most Important Customers in Your Value Chains. A “How To” Guide. (Volume 1) [Paperback] Buy this book Summary: Value Innovation Works provides a 10 step process to bring the fuzzy front end of innovation into focus. The key [...]

Blue Ocean Strategy

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne Summary: Blue Ocean Strategy lays out a case for innovation focused on finding a new non crowded competitive space or “Blue Ocean. This is an active strategy to avoid commoditization of goods and services. A “Red Ocean” is the normal competitive space where products with very similar features are competing [...]

Innovative Lean Development by Timothy Schipper and Mark Swets

Timothy Schipper and Mark Swets Summary:  Innovative Lean Development brings the Lean Manufacturing principles of Toyota and others and applies them to innovation and the new product development process.  People familiar with lean manufacturing may initially find moving from simplifying repeated processes to discovering new things challenging. This book shows that traditional lean concepts of gemba [...]

Lean, Rapid, and Profitable New Product Development

Buy this book Robert G. Cooper and Scott J Edgett The Seven Principles of lean, Rapid, and Profitable NPD Customer focused Front-end loaded Spiral Development A holistic approach driven by effective cross-functional teams Metrics, accountability and continuous improvenment Focused and effective portfolio management – fewer but higher value projects NextGen Stage-Gate process:  A flexible, adaptable, [...]

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