• 16 May 2022
  • adminns

Richard K. Lee and Nina Goodrich

Value Innovation Works: Move Mountains…..Deliver Sustainable, Profitable Growth. Deliver Exceptional Value to the Most Important Customers in Your Value Chains. A “How To” Guide. (Volume 1) [Paperback]

Summary: Value Innovation Works provides a 10 step process to bring the fuzzy front end of innovation into focus. The key is identifying the “MIC” or most important customer in the value chain and using textual interviewing to get at the unmet needs to create a blue ocean opportunity with compelling value.

InnovaSpec™ Recommendation: This book provides a toolkit and process map to find innovation project concepts and get them into development. Lee and Goodrich pick up where “Blue Ocean Strategy” finishes with a how to implementation guide.  The clear focus on the Value Curve throughout the process provides a foundation for lean product development resulting in improved speed, success rate and innovation returns.